It's... Complicated...

I have a love/hate relationship with the name and URL of this blog.

I started it nine years ago with a different state of mind. My intentions were never malicious, but maybe my frustrations, the same I still have when it comes to hulking empty malls, just needed an outlet.

Euclid Square Mall is defunct, dead, done-zo, toast. But "Dead" Euclid isn't really a fair thing to call an entire city.

So what do I do? Rename? Change my URL? I enjoy writing about local history and digging through stuff more than anything else. And pictures, of course. I'd like to get back to pictures.

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  1. i think people understand it is about the mall and not about the city.i know things change but going to the mall in the mid to late 1980's it was always crowded.Saturdays it seemed like thousands of people would be there.How do things change so quickly.The mall problems seemed to happen within a 5 to 7 year period.


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