Palisades Bowl - Bowling Alley - Euclid

Palisade's (Freeway Lane of Euclid) closed just a couple of months after I moved to Euclid. I never had a chance to go there while it was open.

Confession: My highest bowling score ever was 81.

Palisades' grand opening in August 1962

The bowling alley opened with:
  • 32 Brunswick Gold Crown lanes
  • Fully equipped billiard room
  • Air conditioned lounge and bar
  • Snack bar
  • Locker room
  • Nursery with child care
  • Meeting room

Special guests for the grand opening included:
  •  Don Ellis
  • Stevie Balog
  • Marion Ladewig
  • Howie Neiberding
  • Willie Mosconi

They were also a thorn in the side of a competitor, Shoregate Bowling Centers. Brunswick was sued by the aforementioned alley and 2 others, by selling similar equipment to the new Palisade's Bowl.

Below is an advert from Palisades Bowl Euclid from 1980

Somewhere along the way, they tacked on "Freeway Lanes"

When did the bowling alley close? February 1, 2004. I got some pictures on a frigid January day, 2006.

What's there now?

A church!

...of course!

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