Euclid Square Mall Santa Christmas Castle

Did you visit Santa at Euclid Square Mall? If so, send me your photos and I'll publish them here!

A few days ago, the Euclid Historical society featured a post of mine from 9 years ago, showing the Euclid Square Mall "Santa" Christmas castle for sale.

They wondered if it was still for sale. The listing has been long removed. The asking price was $20,000, and the mall actually set the castle, and other decorations up in Christmas 2005.

Castle set up in Euclid Square Mall in 2005

Christmas decorating at Euclid Square Mall, 2005
Well I pulled some strings (sent an email) and found out what exactly happened to Euclid Square Mall's Santa Christmas castle.

We still own the castle.  I bought it back in 2005 and stored it there until 2013 when I pulled it from storage, fixed it up and have leased it out the past two holiday seasons.  It is currently leased to a mall in Toronto Canada for this season. 

It looks as good as it did when it was used at the mall for so many years.

If you are interested in leasing it let me know and I will be happy to send you information on how to obtain this very unique piece for next year's holiday season.

So there you have it! One of the Euclid Beach Boys fixed it up, and it's currently in use at a mall in Toronto! I think it should have its own Instagram account or something. Follow it around the world.

 And also my heart is the warms with holiday cheer because Joe says, "It looks as good as it did when it was used at the mall for so many years." I can truly appreciate folks who restore things and keep history, even something like a holiday mall castle, alive and well.

Here's the picture Joe was kind enough to send me:

The Santa Castle and throne in Toronto, Canada, Christmas 2016.


  1. What a wonderful way to preserve a piece of Euclid history! I vividly remember the castle and with all the modern Santa exhibits, there is no match to this one. Truly a treasure!

  2. I enjoy the idea that this Santa display is still in use somewhere, though I do wish it was in Euclid! How cool would it be to create a Winter Wonderland at the mall and have Santa sit in the center of it all?

    It looks like that Toronto mall has a real train indoors? Not the silly mall trains that drive on the floor, but something with an actual track and a layout larger than a small circle. So, road trip to Toronto?!


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