Euclid Ohio Sesquicentennial Commemorative Plate!

There may be nothing worse than plates and other bric-a-brac. It collects dust, you're not really supposed to touch them, and most knick knacks are just hideous.

But a commemorative plate with a whole list of notable historical moments that happened in (and what would become) Euclid? Get out the wall anchors because this piece of Grandma's collection is going up on this blogs wall!

The city of Euclid Sesquicentennial was held in 1959, and celebrated 150 years of existing. This seems like an excuse to have a little festival and mint some coins and fire some plates. But what a plate it is! Green print, roughly 10.25" features a nice pictorial of Euclid's yesteryear.

Old Stop 10 - corner of Euclid Ave. and Chardon Rd.

Euclid Town Hall - erected 1894, burned down 1929.

Euclid High School c. 1900. I wonder if they were warm, safe, and dry?

Euclid Ohio Band c. 1908
The back of the plate features a long list of remarkable Euclid events.

With the epic title "Saga of an Industrial Empire", the timeline starts many years before Moses Cleaveland even ventured over this way.

I've typed out what I could. Read along below!

  • 1662: Northwest Territory given by King Charles II to Connecticut through Governor John Winthrop which united all the English settlements under one government.
  • 1701 to 1728: Initial treaties with Indian tribes headed by the Iroquois, of all lands east of the Cuyahoga River to the whites. 
  • 1785: Treaty with separate tribe - Chippewa, Delaware, Erie, Ottawa, and Wyandot to relinquish all lands east of Cuyahoga River.
  • 1795:Treaty finalized with Iroquois Nation.
  • 1796:General Moses Cleaveland and 66 surveyors set out for the Western Reserve Territory.
  • (a) Mutiny at Conneaut Creek where camp was established.
  • (b) Township 5 miles square laid out and sold at $1.00 per acre.
  • (c) Township christened "Euclid" in honor of surveyors patron saint.
  • 1797: First permanent settlers built homes (11 in number).
  • 1798: 18 others to build homes and sew wheat as previously agreed.
  • 1799: Last 12 families build and settle.
  • 1803: First mail route, Cleveland to Warren, passing through Euclid.l
  • 1809: Euclid Township incorporated and officers duly elected.
  • 1815: Euclid had 42 qualified ?? voters and was larger than Cleveland.
  • 1820: Organization of Baptist Church.
  • 1840: Lake county organizes - Willoughby transferred from Cuyahoga to Lake county, Euclid lost its best harbor possibility.
  • 1845: German Lutheran Church organized.
  • 1852: Opening of Cleveland, Painesville, and Ashtabula Railroad - now a part of the New York Central System.
  • 1861: Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad purchased and operated the C. P. and A. mentioned above.
  • 1861: St. Paul's Catholic Church organized.
  • 1868: First High School opened - enrollment 5 pupils.
  • 1878 - First references to taxes for ??, roads, sidewalks.
  • 1883: December 15th - warmest day on record temperature 69 F.
  • 1896: High School chartered.
  • 1897: Graduating class of 6 from Euclid High School.
  • 1903: Euclid incorporated as a village.
  • 1904: Discontinued use of toll gate on Euclid Avenue.
  • 1908: Speed law passed - 8 miles per hour.
  • 1914: Beginning of industrial growth.
  • 1929: Old Town Hall on North Street burned to ground destroying many old records.
  • 1930: Euclid incorporated as a city.
  • 1932: Addressograph-Multigraph moved from Chicago to Euclid.
  • 1938: Kenneth J. Sims assumes mayor's responsibilities.
  • 1941: Thompson Products built multi-million dollar manufacturing plant.
  • 1943: Opening of present Euclid Senior High School.

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