Lubrizol's Privileges and Obligations of Citizenship - I Want them as Citizens

Published March 28th, 1957.

"You know why they're avoiding me?" said Uncle Sam. "They're afraid of government.

"That's because, in the countries they came from, government kicked people around.

"They've been in the U.S.A. a long time now. They should have taken out their naturalization papers. But they haven't. They're scared to go near a government office.

"I wish you'd talk to them.

"Explain to them that our Constitution was established to secure the blessings of liberty and that in our country citizens have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

"Make it clear to them that in the U.S. A. government doesn't persecute people - it protects them.

"If they would like to be citizens now, have them visit, or write for information... My boys will take good care of them. I want them as citizens."

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