Meet the Lindler's, Euclid's Newest Family!

It's 1943, and the Lindler family has just moved to suburban Euclid. They buy bonds, and they buy Heinz products, too!

Peter Lindler works 6 days a week and bowls on Tuesday nights. He works at a war plant in Cleveland and also enjoys photography and enlarging photos. Mrs. Lindler, who is never given a first name, also enjoys sharing in enlarging photos with Peter. She likes to cook and sew as well, having made all the curtains in her new Euclid home.

Sprinkled throughout the day is how the Lindlers - even baby Elaine - enjoy Heinz products.

You probably guessed by now - this is a WWII Heinz ad. Good on ya!

So, what do you think... Are the Lindlers a real family? Did they really eat potted meat for supper? I can't answer the second part but I can take care of the first... Yes, the Lindlers were a real family and yes, they really lived in Euclid...ish.

On a deed from Stanley and Elizabeth Ivinson to Peter and Mrs. (Theresa!!) Lindler dated July 27, 1942, the Lindlers purchased a home at 19311 Pawnee Avenue. I think this is technically Cleveland you know... by a few feet. But close enough for government work.

I hope Theresa Lindler didn't spend too much time or suffer too many pokes from making her curtains, because in 1946, 4 years after they moved in, and 3 years after their Heinz ad, they up and moved to North Royalton.

So long, Lindlers, we hardly knew ye.

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