25991 Euclid Ave: Marshall, Cunningham, Gray... A History of Drug Stores

Read the opening of the Euclid-Richmond Shopping Center.

25991 Euclid Ave is the Easternmost storefront of the Euclid-Richmond Shopping Center.

1952 - Opens as a Marshall Drug Store.
Marshall Drug - 1952 advert

1969 Marshall's Coupon flyer - Babushkas were 16 cents!
Merry Christmas 1971 from your Euclid-Richmond Marshall's! Last minute babushkas!

1972 - Cunningham's is now the name. Fun fact! Cunningham actually merged with Marshall's in 1940, over a decade before this store even opened.

They paid for the name change, new signs, and uniform shirts, they were certainly not going to be buying another typeface, mmkay?

Cunningham's - "We're a drug store and a whole lot more!"

1982 - Euclid location becomes a Gray Drug after Gray Drug Fair Div. acquires 26 area Cunningham stores. Sherwin-Williams had purchased Gray just a year prior, in 1981.

In summer 1986, Sherwin-Williams announced they'd be putting their 450 Gray Drug stores up for sale to concentrate on what they're known for - coatings.

1987 - Rite Aid acquires Gray Drug from Sherwin-Williams.

1993 -Revco? CVS? There's a mechanic's commencement on file with the county from December 16, 1993 that entails Revco's intentions to remodel the vacant space into a retail store.

Revco was purchased by CVS Pharmacy in June 1997 and they rebranded or closed all of the 2,552 Revco stores by summer of 1998.

1999 - Nothing. On November 24, 1999, the location that was at the time a CVS pharmacy, closed its doors. Mayor Paul Oyaski sent a letter to CVS asking them to reconsider. While Oyaski hoped to also talk to CVS about opening a freestanding store on Euclid Avenue, prescriptions were transferred to the Willoughby Hills (Chardon Road) location.

"Business reasons" were cited as the cause of the store's closure.

2002 - Family Dollar moves down the strip to this larger unit. And it's still there today.

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