25981 Euclid Ave: Bo-Peep Shoppe

Read the opening of the Euclid-Richmond Shopping Center.

25981 Euclid Ave was the second unit from East end of the Euclid-Richmond Shopping Center.

Stephanie and Harry Traub opened the first Bo-Peep Shoppe at 798 East 105th Street in Cleveland in 1941. Bo-Peep Shoppe opened its doors at this address in 1952. They went on to open more shops on the East Side of Cleveland with the largest located at 717 E. 185th Street in Euclid.

1955 Euclid High School yearbook
 In Spring 1962, a fire broke out in a neighboring unit that housed a deli. Bo-Peep Shopped suffered water damage as a result.
April 1962 fire at the Euclid-Richmond Shopping Center

Stephanie Traub and her second husband George continued to operate Bo-Peeps Shoppe until closing the business in 1966.
August 1966, selling off the fixtures
 What came after Bo-Peep for 25981 Euclid Avenue? I don't think anything did.

Today: Doesn't exist. This unit was combined with 25991 Euclid Avenue, which currently is home to Family Dollar.

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