25971 Euclid Ave: Katz's Restaurant, Woldman's Delicatessen, Richmond Restaurant, Agnes Moore Dress Shop

Read the opening of the Euclid-Richmond Shopping Center.

25971 Euclid Ave was the third unit from East end of the Euclid-Richmond Shopping Center.

Opening in 1952 with the plaza was Katz's Restaurant and Delicatessen, proprietors being Paul Ross and Dave Katz.

They put out adverts for waitresses and cooks from 1953 until 1959 or so.
1953, 1957, 1959.

By 1961, 25971 Euclid Avenue was operating as Woldman's Restaurant and Delicatessen. Wife of part-owner Mike Cohen belonged to a committee to get the Euclid Sunday closing law repealed in June of that year.
June 1961
The law must have been a stick in the craw of the Cohen's and Woldman's, and they demonstrated that on Sundays in 1962 by having their wait staff dress up in old-fashioned clothing and handing out menus printed in Old English. I personally think this is quite fucking awesome.
February 1962, Sheldon Woldman makes a statement
In April of 1962, about a month and a half later, disaster struck as fire raged through the restaurant and deli.

Damage as the result of a deep-fat fryer exploding
Undaunted, they persisted that they would re-open despite the fire that caused about $8,000 (that's about $64,000 in 2017) in damage.

April 1962
May 10, 1962, Woldman's ran an ad in the Euclid Journal to keep an eye out for the completely rebuilt restaurant! They ran this ad and similar several times.
Run May 10, May 31, June 14, June 28,
July 5th 1962... soon!
Finally they were open... early August 1962.

So they re-opened. Neat

In 1971, though, Richmond Restaurant would at least for a few years, be found at 25971 Euclid Avenue.

1971, 1972, 1973
1977 - Need a dress, ladies?
And in 1979... selling off the fixtures.
And so 25971 Euclid Avenue stops right there.

Today? Part of Family Dollar, another unit merged to become part of 25991 Euclid Avenue.

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